a little big girl room

so i figured it was time to share a little bit of our home.  and to start i picked our daughter's room.  why?  because why the hell not?  i love it.  and most of all, so does she.  and with that ...

... the littlest mini human in our house isn't so little, as she frequently likes to inform us.  she's become our little big girl around here. which meant it was time to say good-bye to the last nursery we'll ever have and create a big girl bedroom.  i was both sad and happy at the same time to say good-bye to a crib.  it meant we were going to get more snuggles at bedtime and that bedtime was going to become a whole lot more difficult.  so freaking happy that she was not like her brother.  she was a rockstar and didn't get out of her bed once we made the switch.  and almost a year later, she's still the one who stays in her bed.  but back to the design.

i felt that it was important to bring averie on as a consultant on this particular project.  it is her bedroom after all.  her requests are as follows: butterflies, pink, purple, owls, ballerinas and a place for her babies to sleep.  all things important to a three year old.  butterflies were already covered because we had done a decal wall with a tree and butterflies when we first moved in.  it's like we already knew what she wanted.  her walls were purple, we just needed to add some pink, and a few owls with some ballerinas.

here's the plan i came up with.

averie didn't mind that there was a lack of ballerinas, she was more excited that there was a princess tent.  she talked about it for months.  the canopy tent in her mood board was from land of nod.  of course brining the mood board into reality brought a few changes.  that's what a love about design and decorating.  there's always room for change.

happy friday friends.

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