thoughts on being a student again

during the spring of 2014 i began life as a student again, part time anyway, and in the evening.  it's not a huge commitment but also not such an easy thing to do.  thankful for a supportive husband and understanding children.  somehow we make it all work.  i started taking courses at mount royal university in the interior decoration extension program.  they do have an interior design degree program and although i love the idea of doing that, i don't love the reality of doing that.  so, the extension certificate it is.

so far i've completed three courses, introduction to interior design, colour and light, and perspective drawing and i start soft finishings at the beginning of february.  when i registered for this course i also did a little planning in order to finish my program and get my certificate.  i still have four courses to go.  i'll take one a semester and should have it all done by this time next year.  then the next phase can start.  i'm looking forward to starting my next course.  not only do i like textiles, the course is being taught by an instructor i've had before and she's fantastic.

as i go through my courses i'll post updates about my projects.  in the meantime here's a look at some of the work i've done in my first three courses.

course one: introduction to interior design

course two: colour and light

course three: perspective drawing

have a very happy saturday.

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